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pilates instructors

Favored Life offers classical Pilates and yoga to clients of most ages and abilities. While the studio is open to men, most of the clients are women who participate in classes and private appointments. The studio was named for the gracious kindness that people should be giving and receiving every day. Instead of discussing numbers in the form of weight, age or measurements, we focus on how our clients feel before, during and after a session.

Because the studio owner has a strong passion for new mothers, prenatal and postpartum certifications are recommended but are not required. Instructors have the choice to work with pregnant mothers, babies and young children, if they are inclined to do so. Most classes serve adults only.


Favored Life instructors are independent contractors who work with the studio owner to develop class descriptions and schedules that are mutually beneficial. Instructors are expected to:

  • Develop and direct fitness programming, ensuring all exercises are safe and specific to the defined client base

  • Perform a new client assessment, including a health history, and advise clients of any special instructions for the initial session

  • Ensure that all studio policies are followed

  • Conduct scheduled sessions with a positive attitude, aiming to encourage and assist clients in a kind, professional manner

  • Instruct participants in proper form and offer modifications whenever allowable; correct participants’ form as needed

  • Be present for and effectively manage all scheduled classes and appointments for the duration of the contract term, working with Favored Life owner(s) to make arrangements for any anticipated or unexpected absences

  • Ensure that the studio is clean and ready for clients before leaving

  • Execute emergency procedures and seek proper medical assistance in the event of injury or distress

  • Ensure that any music played during sessions is licensed, and that any lyrics promote positive messaging; no derogatory or profane lyrics will be permitted


Compensation is commensurate with experience. Whenever the studio schedule allows, instructors have the ability to use the studios and the equipment for personal workouts.

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