(the art of CONTROLLED movements)

Joseph Pilates dedicated most of his life to understanding the human body. As a child, Pilates suffered from illnesses including asthma and rheumatic fever. He found that by improving his physical fitness, he also improved his overall health. He later amalgamated Eastern and Western wellness principles to create his art of controlled movements that force participants to be conscious of every action, performing the exercises slowly and deliberately. 

Many of the Pilates exercises that are used to stretch muscles, improve flexibility, increase strength and better stabilize our bodies were created to rehabilitate those in internment camps who were ill or injured. While mat work was executed on the floor, Pilates used items like beds and chairs to accelerate body conditioning; we know these modern-day apparatuses as the Cadillac, reformer, chairs and tower. Pilates and his wife, Clara, later trained professional dancers before the popularity of their studio grew to accommodate the general public.

Favored Life's classical Pilates exercises are true to the original Joseph Pilates technique. In every session, participants focus on breathing, alignment, core positioning and proper form to ensure that the benefits of each exercise are maximized. Each 55-minute session is comprised of a variety of exercises that work the entire body with a limited number of repetition so that muscles are worked but not fatigued. Grip socks are required for all Pilates sessions.



Comprehensively Trained Certified Classical Pilates Instructor, 600 Hours, from 2nd Generation Pilates Instructor Donna Longo of Integrated Fitness

Certified Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist, with Completed Courses in Diastasis Recti Recovery and Pelvic Floor Health at Carolyne Anthony's Center for Women's Fitness


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Pilates intro

For those who are new to Pilates, we recommend 3 intro classes before entering a mat or a springboard class. These classes, for up to 2 people, combine reformer, springboard and mat exercises, introduce terminology and technique and help new clients feel more comfortable entering a group setting. Duos are available by request only; these sessions are not on the regular schedule.

Individual intro sessions are $35; please see the pricing page for packages.

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Springboards are used to strengthen and lengthen muscles using resistance. Along with essential mat work, this class will work the entire body, challenging the core with the assistance of arm springs, leg springs and a roll-down bar. This class is limited to 6 participants.



Mat classes are mixed-level, challenging those with previous Pilates experience and accommodating those who may be new to the technique. Class exercises utilize a number of small props including the Pilates Magic Circle, free weights and a triad ball. If you have a specific injury or issue, please ensure that you speak with your instructor so that modifications can be made to maximize the benefit for your body. If you are brand new to Pilates, please contact 908.335.7137 to register for an intro session before taking this class.


private appointments

Whether you have a specific injury that requires special attention, limitations requiring a personal touch or you simply like the privacy a one-on-one session offers, private appointments provide tailored workouts on your schedule. Work with an instructor to achieve your goals at your own pace.