(PRENATAL and HATHA for all levels)

Hatha yoga is the physical practice of yoga postures. These classes are great for all experience levels because the practice varies from week to week. Hatha yoga can include a variety of more specific practices, including pranayama, which teaches breath control; vinyasa, the flow or sequence of poses; ashtanga, a specific sequence of poses that meticulously links movement to breath; iyengar, which puts attention on posture and alignment; or restorative practices that rejuvenate the body. 

Hatha yoga classes promote a mind-body alignment. Breathing, meditating and clearing the mind to focus on the present moment are all key to a successful practice, both inside and outside of the studio. The techniques participants learn in every session are applicable to other areas of life. 

Instructors provide challenges in varying degrees that allow the participants to determine their individual comfort levels. Mats, blocks, bands, blankets and bolsters are all available. 



Yoga Teacher Certification from Jivana Yoga, 200 Hours, 2014
Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Professional Ethics

Yoga Teacher Training Instruction Certification with Honors from The American Yoga Academy, 300 Hours, 2012


prenatal yoga

For women who are pregnant or who are preparing to become pregnant, prenatal yoga gives clients the opportunity to focus on breathing and meditation. The practice encourages the body to embrace physical changes, supports the core and prepares the body and mind for labor.

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Mindfulness movements

Mindfulness Movements is an all-level class that aims to connect the mind and the body. Though the core plan for each class varies - one class may challenge participants to hold poses while another will practice a sequence of poses - every session includes time for breathing and meditation. Held in the evening, this class helps prepare participants for a great night's sleep. This class is a great option for pregnant women and those recovering from a recent pregnancy.


private appointments

Whether you have a specific injury that requires special attention, limitations requiring a personal touch or you simply like the privacy a one-on-one session offers, private appointments provide tailored workouts on your schedule. Work with an instructor to achieve your goals at your own pace.