favored life is

a boutique fitness studio that promotes mental and physical health. The studio offers PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS and WEEKLY CLASSES teaching classical PILATES, all-level hatha YOGA and the ORIGINAL BARRE classes initially created by Lotte Berk and kept alive by her daughter, Esther Fairfax.

Optimal health is not just PHYSICAL - it is EMOTIONAL and MENTAL as well. Favored Life instructors will NOT talk about numbers - age, weight or measurements. We focus on optimal body ALIGNMENT, FLEXIBILITY and MENTAL AWARENESS.

We want to ensure COMPREHENSIVE health, so we care about how a person FEELS before, during and after a workout.
Our instructors are able to create INDIVIDUALIZED workouts that align with our clients' mentality as well as their
physical ability and provide resources that can be used in a client's WORK life, HOME life or SOCIAL life.