Miranda was drawn to Pilates through her experience as participant, being stretched and strengthened in the same workout. Though she started her career in marketing and search engine optimization, she realized that she did not like being confined to a desk, spending so many corporate business hours away from her dogs. While the thought of becoming a fitness instructor was always in the back of her mind, she didn't have the time to dedicate herself to the 600-hour training she would need until she in 2015 moved to New Jersey. 

Miranda spent 15 months training with Donna Longo, a second generation Pilates instructor who learned from Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska. Though there were many contemporary Pilates and fusion programs in the area, Miranda wanted to become certified in the classical techniques. "I liked starting my learning process from the beginning, the essence of the method."

Pilates exercises focus on form and quality, not repetition, and there is an emphasis, Miranda says, on staying present so that the movements are effective. "After taking classes regularly and training for more than a year, I am now more aware of my body than I ever was before."

Miranda appreciates Joseph Pilates's understanding of the human body and his ability to create exercises that truly are for everyone. "There are some exercises that typically, only men do, simply due to the physicality, and there are certain exercises that that we tend to give more to women because some men find the positions uncomfortable. But, for the most part, there is no man versus woman in these sessions. This technique isn't specific to one gender or another." 

What most resonates with Miranda about the classical Pilates method are the people who originally benefited from the exercises. "He created these movements for people who did not have full function or ability - they were injured and sick and were lying in hospital beds. There are modifications for everyone and, because we place a huge emphasis on quality and form, it lowers the risk of exercise-related injury. He used these methods for rehabilitation."

There is also a great mental component to each of the sessions. "We are almost forced to be present every minute because we need to focus on the muscle groups, alignment, form, breathing - the workouts really keep the mind going."

Miranda's comprehensive certification allows her to teach all classes and offer instruction on all of our in-house equipment. She teaches mat classes, springboard classes, a reformer-springboard combo, and she is available for private appointments. Her favorite class for her personal workouts, just in case you are wondering, is the mat class. "People don't realize how difficult the mat work really is. It's a great class to take regularly. I see results so quickly now that my body has been conditioned for the exercises." 

This summer, she received a Women's Health and Exercise Certification through The Center for Women's Fitness. She completed courses in prenatal and postpartum Pilates, diastasis recti and pelvic floor health. These will benefit her personally as well as professionally - Miranda is pregnant with her first child, due in February. Congratulations, Miranda!