This week, away from home, I met a group of women - wise women who sought to befriend me, encourage me and learn more about me. I have spent time living in the Snowbird South, the actual South, the Midwest, the West Coast, the East Coast, the Far East and the Pacific, and I have always found regional introductions to be intriguing. 

Southerners find identity in family names (who are you/where did your family originate?); East Coasters like to talk about their educational alma maters (where did you go to school?); Midwesterners tend to tie who a person is to a person's career choice (what do you do?). This week, in California, I was asked a humbling, extraordinary, introductory question: "Rachael, what is your passion?"

My passion started developing a little more than two years ago. I had always had a love of fitness and, when I was good, I was working out in boutique studios, health clubs or on my living room floor up to six days weekly. But two years ago I had a baby and wound up paying for a health club membership that I wasn't using. I also found myself with a child 24/7, yet I had never felt more alone.

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, compares the mind of an entrepreneur to that of a juvenile delinquent who says, "This sucks, I'm going to do my own thing," and in 2017, that is exactly what went through my mind.

Last spring I started developing the Favored Life concept and in the summer the company began offering postpartum workouts in local parks and health clubs. Favored Life introduced to Hunterdon County stroller workouts, child-inclusive Zumba® classes, baby boot camp workouts and personal training sessions. New moms, whether first-time or many times over, were given a place to work out, the opportunity to bring along their children and a community of other moms alongside them.

More than anything, my long-term vision was to create a company that was a service to the community. Specifically, my passion is to serve new mothers. The studio is open to anyone - men and women of most ages - and I want to ensure that every person who walks through the doors of my studio feels something that they do not feel anywhere else. Because of my own experience as a new mother, I have a passion for all new mothers - the ones who are on Cloud 9, the ones who are struggling, the ones who are in crisis management mode and everyone in between. I want to serve the women who are feeling what I felt. I want them to know that I felt that way, too, and that they are always welcome inside.

My passion is to educate, inspire and equip people for whatever they will face outside the studio. I want the programs we offer to be applicable not just in the workout room but also in the board room, the living room, the sewing room, the delivery room, the negotiating room (a.k.a. the dinner table), the arena...

Optimal health is not just physical - it is emotional and mental as well. 

Favored Life instructors will not talk about numbers - age, weight or measurements. We focus on optimal body alignment, flexibility and mental awareness. We want to ensure comprehensive health, so we care about how a person feels before, during and after a workout. Our instructors are able to create individualized workouts that align with our clients' mentality as well as their physical ability, and provide resources that can be used in a client's work life, home life or social life.

In the next few weeks, you will read stories from some of the faces around the Favored Life studio. These people are my passion. You are my passion. Come see what it means to live a Favored Life!

Be blessed,