Whether you are an occasional participant or a dedicated class goer, we have membership options that should suit your needs.

Drop-in rates for general classes are $15, while classes with limited participants and specialized equipment run from $25 to $35 per session. For most classes, regular attendees can save money by purchasing limited or unlimited memberships. Here's a breakdown:


6 group fitness classes every month: $90 ($15 per class, billed monthly)
4 Pilates springboard classes every month: $100 ($25 per class, billed monthly)
10 group fitness classes: $130 ($13 per class/reg. $15)
10 Pilates springboard classes: $200 ($20 per class/reg. $25)


New Client Special: $100 ($8 per class if attending 3 classes per week)
Monthly group fitness package: $180 ($11 per class if attending 4 classes per week)
Monthly package with Pilates springboard classes: $250 (great for those attending 4 classes per week)


Annual payment: $2,000 (great for clients who attend 3+ classes per week)
Billed monthly: $175 per month

Annual members receive unlimited attendance in all group fitness classes, including Pilates springboard classes, 10 percent off of special programs, 20 percent off of merchandise and one pair of grip socks (up to $20) per six-month period.