Barre today may be popularized throughout the United States, but the ORIGINAL exercises created by the master herself have for decades been preserved in a small studio outside of London. Lotte Berk created her now-famous techniques in the 1950s; her daughter, Esther Fairfax, keeps those same movements and her mother's legacy alive today.

Similar to the Pilates exercises created by Joseph Pilates, the moves made famous by Lotte and kept true through Esther were inspired by modern ballet techniques, developed alongside an osteopath and created out of a need to heal the body. The ORIGINAL class consists of barre work and floor work that hone in on precise movements designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve flexibility and stability and, most importantly, bring joy and a sense of community to health and fitness. 

The low-impact workout relies on the body, the floor and the barre and nothing else - no weights, no bands, no balls - to bring female bodies to their true form. Each movement is specific to the female form, and each class encourages optimal women's health, inside and out, which is why the ORIGINAL class dedicates a section of each session to strengthening the pelvic floor.

In 2015, theLONDONmethod™ brought Esther's class to the U.S. in an effort to return the art of barre to its ORIGINAL roots. Favored Life Owner Rachael McKee in 2018 became the first instructor outside of theLONDONmethod™ studio authorized to teach the ORIGINAL class. 

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Certified Teacher of the ORIGINAL class, theLONDONmethod™

Certified Group Fitness Instructor, American Council on Exercise

Certified Pre- and Postnatal Instructor, International Fitness Professionals AssociationO

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the original

The ORIGINAL class, with its routes in England, made its way to the U.S. in 2015 and to New Jersey in 2018. The exercises performed in each class are not inspired by Lotte Berk - these are the moves that Lotte created and passed down to her daughter, Esther Fairfax. These are the same moves that women in a small studio outside of London, where Esther still teaches, continue to perfect. 

Open to women of all ages, this class will work every part of the body to lengthen, strengthen and stretch muscles, promoting a strong and stable core throughout the 1-hour class. No weights, balls or bands are required - participants will work with the barre, a mat, the floor and the wall.

These exercises are suitable for women who are pregnant and postpartum, with a doctor's permission. If you are pregnant or recovering from a pregnancy, please advise the instructor so that appropriate modifications can be addressed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ORIGINAL class is a conditioning class, which means that muscles will develop over time. Personal results will be noticed after consistent attendance. 



private appointments

Private appointments with studio owner Rachael McKee are available upon request. Please contact Rachael at 908.335.7137 to schedule an appointment.